Bio-inLine® Biofilm Reactor

          The Bio-inLine® Biofilm Reactor (IBR) consists of twelve (12) nylon coupon holder plugs threaded into a black PET lid. The coupon holder plugs accommodate one 1/2 in. (12.7 mm) diameter coupon each, totaling 12 coupons per reactor (same coupons as are used in the CDC and Rotating Disk Biofilm Reactors). The lid, with coupon holders and coupons, is mounted to a black PET body which contains a half-inch channel designed to mimic standard half-inch water pipe. Finally, the entire chamber is sealed shut with the help of silicone rubber o-rings. The reactor holds up to 80psi of water pressure.

      The IBR allows the growth and testing of biofilms grown under conditions found in common water distribution systems. It is easily placed in water piping systems, allowing biofilm testing as needed within the system. This reactor is designed and fabricated with the original modified Robbins Device (mRD) in mind, but with modifications which improve ease of sampling.

Bio-inLine Biofilm Reactor and coupon removal tool

IBR 500

The standard IBR includes coupon holder plugs, PET coupons (alternate coupon materials available upon request), and a coupon removal tool.

Bio-inLine Biofilm Reactor Coupon Holder Plug

IBR 500-10

These nylon Coupon Holder Plugs hold a half-inch standard disc coupon. Twelve are included with each IBR.

Opened Bio-inLine Biofilm Reactor and coupon removal tool

Bio-inLine® Biofilm Reactor – Open

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