ReadyNow™ Biofilm Test Carriers

        ReadyNow™ Biofilm Test Carriers by Stratix Labs™ are a simple way to conduct anti-biofilm testing. These are pre-grown, ready-to-use biofilm carriers for disinfectant efficacy testing using Pseudomonas aeruginosa or Staphylococcus aureus. The carriers are stable at 4°C for more than twelve (12) months. Twenty-four (24) biofilm test carriers are included in each kit, resembling a full CDC Biofilm Reactor® sample run.

       These test carriers are available through BioSurface Technologies Corporation as a preliminary tool to help assess your liquid disinfectant formulations before launching full biofilm reactor studies using one of our many reactors currently available.

ReadyNow™ Biofilm Test Carriers (Pack of 24)

ReadyNow™ Biofilm Test Carriers Packaging

Reducing prep work and setting a new level of standardization.

Pre-grown, preserved biofilms with the requisite cell counts for the EPA MB-20 and ASTM 2871 Single Tube Method. With ReadyNow™, you eliminate the need to spend valuable time preparing test samples, and eliminate the uncertainty associated with consistently hitting your cell count targets.

All ReadyNow™ Biofilm Test Carriers are manufactured using authentic, high quality ATCC® microorganisms. They can be conveniently stored between 2ºC to 8ºC for more than a year and comes with a Certificate of Analysis detailing the mean colony forming units for each batch produced – improving your ability to standardize your testing.

ReadyNow™ Biofilm Test Carriers are not currently approved by ASTM or the EPA for product validation and should be used as a tool for preliminary testing only.

ReadyNow™ Biofilm Test Carriers Tray
ReadyNow™ Biofilm Test Carrier Single

ReadyNow™ Biofilm Test Carriers are the easiest way to conduct preliminary anti-biofilm testing.


  • Can be utilized to evaluate biofilm kill or biofilm removal efficacy of disinfectants

  • Recoverable cell counts can be assayed with CFU enumeration or using stains (e.g., crystal violet stain)

  • Eliminates uncertainty associated with producing inoculated carriers in-spec; each product comes with a Certificate of Analysis detailing mean CFU count for that batch

  • Simply rehydrate for 20 minutes and you’re ready to conduct your assay

  • Stable for >1 year from manufacture date when stored between 2°C to 8°C

Applications & Test Methods

ReadyNow™ test methods:

  • Evaluating Biofilm Kill (see IFU)

  • Evaluating Biofilm Removal (see IFU)

Related test methods:

  • ASTM E2871 Standard Test Method for Determining Disinfectant Efficacy Against Biofilm Grown in the CDC Biofilm Reactor Using the Single Tube Method

  • ASTM E2562 Standard Test Method for Quantification of Pseudomonas aeruginosa Biofilm Grown with High Shear and Continuous Flow using CDC Biofilm Reactor

  • ASTM E2799 Standard Test Method for Testing Disinfectant Efficacy against Pseudomonas aeruginosa Biofilm using the MBEC Assay

Watch this instructional video to see how the ReadyNow Biofilm Test Carriers are used:

Available Organisms:

Pseudomonas aeruginosa ATCC® 15442™️

Cell count: 1 x 108 – 3.2 x 109 CFU per carrier

Staphylococcus aureus ATCC® 6538™️

Cell count: 1 x 107 – 3.2 x 108 CFU per carrier

ASTM Standard Method Used with ReadyNow™ Test Carriers:

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Standard Test Method for Evaluating Disinfectant Efficacy Against Pseudomonas aeruginosa Biofilm Grown in CDC Biofilm Reactor® Using Single Tube Method:

ReadyNow™ Biofilm Test Carriers are not currently approved by ASTM or the EPA for product validation and should be used as a tool for preliminary testing only.

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BioSurface Technologies has partnered with Stratix Labs™ to offer this simple biofilms evaluation tool as a preliminary step in your biofilms research journey. Our goal is to expand our line of biofilms testing products in an ongoing effort to assist our customers in better understanding their own disinfectant products. We hope that the ReadyNow™ Biofilm Test Carriers can be a first stepping stone for new laboratories to begin researching disinfectants or antimicrobials, before moving on to the more versatile CDC Biofilm Reactor®.

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