About BioSurface Technologies

          BioSurface Technologies Corporation (BST) was founded in 1994 in Bozeman, Montana, USA. The company’s goal is to provide biofilm reactor and flow cell systems for evaluations and monitoring of biofilm processes. Consequently, it has become the sole licensed manufacturer of the Biofilm Annular Reactor (BAR), Drip Flow Biofilm Reactor® (DFR), Rotating Disk Biofilm Reactor (RDR), CDC Biofilm Reactor® (CBR), Bio-inLine® Biofilm Reactor (IBR), and the Industrial Surfaces Biofilm Reactor (ISBR). Additionally, it has developed a wide variety of microscopy flow cells including transmission flow cells, coupon evaluation flow cells, capillary flow cells, and the Treatment Imaging flow cell. Much of the research and development conducted is in conjunction with other biofilm research groups and universities. BST strives to always produce the best biofilm products on the market. Because of this, it is always releasing updated products and new products to better suit current needs.

          BST is located in Bozeman, Montana, USA, near the Montana State University campus (home of the Center for Biofilm Engineering). It has facilities for product assembly and manufacturing in our Bozeman facility, and continually strives to be the world leader in providing innovative products for biofilm investigations.


Black PET 4-channel Drip Flow Biofilm Reactor and stand
CDC Biofilm Reactor
Treatment imaging flow cell

Drip Flow Biofilm Reactor®

Model DFR 110-4PET (pictured above) is one of our more popular biofilm reactors. These robust reactors offer completely separate channels for growing a wide variety of microbes on a surface with an air-liquid interface.

CDC Biofilm Reactor®

Model CBR 90-2 (pictured above) has become a globally-recognized powerhouse biofilm reactor. This reactor, designed in conjunction with the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, provides twenty-four (24) replicates per experiment which can be used for all kinds of studies, including antimicrobial testing.

Treatment Imaging Flow Cell

The Treatment Imaging Flow Cell (FC 310) was designed due to a need to easily image coupons from the CDC Biofilm Reactor® during treatment. The flow cell holds a single coupon, and can be used either in conjunction with a CBR or completely on it’s own.