Biofilm Reactors

BioSurface Technologies’ Biofilm Reactors provide easy-to-sample biofilm growth systems to aid in the evaluation of anti-microbial agents, surface treatments, and biofilm processes. These systems allow multi-sample opportunities and repeatable data. ASTM Standard Methods are available for most of our biofilm reactors.

CDC Biofilm Reactor
Black PET 4-channel Drip Flow Biofilm Reactor and stand

Microscopy Flow Cells

BioSurface Technologies’ Microscopy Flow Cells are reusable and autoclavable devices designed for monitoring and evaluating biofilm processes using microscopy and image analysis. All flow cells are compatible with confocal, fluorescent, and reflected light microscopy.

Treatment imaging flow cell
FC 280 Polycarbonate Dual Channel Transmission Flow Cell

Test Coupons and Surfaces

BioSurface Technologies offers many variations of test surfaces to be used for our line of biofilm reactors and flow cells. These surfaces (coupons) come in more than 40 different materials across several different configurations.

CDC Biofilm Reactor disc coupons
Drip Flow Biofilm Reactor slide coupons

ReadyNow™ Biofilm Test Carriers

ReadyNow™ Biofilm Test Carriers by Stratix Labs™ are a simple way to conduct anti-biofilm testing. These are pre-grown, ready-to-use biofilm carriers for disinfectant efficacy testing. These test carriers are available through BioSurface Technologies Corporation as a preliminary tool to help assess your liquid disinfectant formulations before launching full biofilm reactor studies using one of our many reactors currently available.

CDC Biofilm Reactor disc coupons

Don’t see exactly what you need? Contact us to discuss modifying one of our existing products to fit your needs, or to talk to our design engineer about your own reactor design ideas.