Microscopy Flow Cells

Microscopy Flow Cells are designed to monitor and evaluate biofilm processes using microscopy and image analysis. BioSurface Technologies’ line of flow cells are completely autoclavable and re-useable. Each one is compatible with confocal, fluorescent, and reflected light microscopy. Some models are also compatible with transmitted light microscopy.

Flow Cell Capabilities:

  • Designed to aid studies of biofilm development
  • Optical glass viewing windows
  • Fully autoclavable materials
  • Single and Multi-Channel options
  • Suitable for most microscope objectives
  • Stage mounts for upright and inverted microscope stages
  • Completely autoclavable and re-usable

Flow Cell Operations:

  • Analyze biofilm attachment, growth, detachment, and cellular interactions
  • Real time evaluation of biofilm processes
  • Suitable for pathogenic and anaerobic biofilms
  • Functional over a wide range of flow conditions

BioSurface Technologies’ Microscopy Flow Cells:

Coupon Evaluation Flow Cells

Transmission Flow Cells

Capillary Flow Cells

Treatment Imaging Flow Cells

Flow Cell Accessories

BioSurface Technologies’ Flow Cells at a glance:

Microscopy Flow Cell comparison chart