Terms and Conditions of Sale

Last Updated: February 9, 2021

BioSurface Technologies Corporation will provide the quoted materials and products based on the following terms of sale:

1. BioSurface Technologies Corporation will provide shipping documentation based on shipping Delivery Duties Unpaid (DDU) or Carriage Insurance Paid (CIP) via Fed Ex International or DHL International at no additional processing charge. Additional documentation or alternate shipping terms or carrier may incur additional fees or charges.

2. Certificate of Origin generation and all documents requiring notary signature or Chamber of Commerce charges are $45.00 USD per document.

3. Shipment Insurance will be provided to the value of the contents of the shipment. The insurance limitations and coverage can be found at FedEx.com or DHL.com.

4. BioSurface Technologies is not responsible for any import duties, taxes, or fees associated with importation or delivery of products other than quoted transportation and insurance charges. In addition, BioSurface Technologies does not authorize any agent to act on our behalf without direct written authorization, other than Fed Ex Int or DHL International.

5. Shipping charges on all orders are designated as Pre-Pay and Add (PPA) unless specific alternate arrangements are made at time of order placement.

6. When shipping Ex-Works or carrier collect on buyer or 3rd party account, conveyance of order is at transfer to the designated carrier. All damages during transport will be the responsibility of the buyer. The buyer is responsible for insurance and damage claims.

7. All fees associated with payment and transfer of funds, including but not limited to agent fees, transfer fees, taxes, and document fees are the responsibility of the paying party. The US does not use IBAN Banking Codes. Payment via Electronic Funds Transfer may require additional arrangements by the paying parties (EFT is the preferred method of payment receipt). Arrangements for EFT should be made prior to receipt of goods. Payment past agreed terms may result in late payment fees and charges assessed by BioSurface Technologies.

8. Payment can be provided to BioSurface Technologies via Electronic Funds Transfer (banking information available upon request), or Visa or Mastercard, or by check to:

BioSurface Technologies Corp.
421 West Griffin Drive #2
Bozeman, MT 59715

BioSurface Technologies does not accept Letters of Credit.

9. Standard payment terms are net 30 days on accounts with approved credit. Payment terms beyond 30 days require a quote specifying the requested payment period and pricing. Fees may be assessed on any amounts past 30 days at the rate of 2.5% per month interest charges plus a $35.00 USD late fee per month.

10. Any additional Terms & Conditions of Sale on the part of the purchaser may require advance notification and acceptance by BioSurface Technologies prior to acceptance of sales orders. All pricing and quotes are based on payment net 30 days (quotes are available for alternate payment periods at special request). Alternate payment terms may result in changes in pricing. Placing an order with BioSurface Technologies indicates acceptance of these terms and conditions in their entirety.

11. Use of credit cards for payment of invoices aged more than 15 days past shipment will incur additional credit card processing fees in the amount of 3% of the total purchase value. Credit card payments at time of order shipment will not incur these additional processing fees.

Product Warranty:

All products are provided with a six (6) month limited warranty. This warranty is limited to repair or replacement of effected components at the discretion of BioSurface Technologies Corporation. No implied warranty or liability is otherwise part of the sales agreement, and BioSurface Technologies Corporation is not responsible or liable for any delays caused by damaged, or defective warrantied equipment. BioSurface Technologies Corporation is not responsible or liable for any injuries incurred during the improper use of equipment supplied by BioSurface Technologies Corporation. All equipment supplied by BioSurface Technologies Corporation is for research purposes only and no warranty or guarantee, implied or otherwise, as to operation or effectiveness is provided. Some electronic components may be eligible for further warranty coverage through the 3rd party equipment manufacturer. Proper cleaning, sterilization, and preparation for use of all BioSurface Technologies’ products for experimental applications is the responsibility of the end-user. Sterilization by autoclave at temperatures in excess of 121°C could damage components and is not covered under warranty.

Return / Refund Policy:

BioSurface Technologies Corporation does not accept equipment returns. Used equipment can be exposed to chemicals and conditions that may impact later experiments. Therefore, used equipment cannot be recycled. Please inspect all equipment upon receipt and notify BioSurface Technologies with any breakage, or any machining or material defects which may impact the operation of the product. Damaged or missing items must be reported to BioSurface Technologies within 30 days of receipt of shipment.