Industrial Surfaces Biofilm Reactor

Elevating Biofilm Growth Environments

The Industrial Surfaces Biofilm Reactor (ISBR) is a sophisticated bench-top biofilm growth chamber meticulously engineered to cultivate biofilm under low shear, ensure high gas transfer, and facilitate intermittent wetting. Sample slides are continuously or periodically wetted through a fluid distribution port in the reactor, creating an environment conducive to robust biofilm formation. The ISBR serves as a valuable tool for studying both dry and wet biofilms, providing a comprehensive platform for versatile research.

Versatile Applications

The ISBR mirrors the conditions found in various industrial settings, making it a versatile tool for modeling biofilm growth in environments such as industrial cooling towers, food preparation surfaces, painted and coated surface testing, marine applications, and other periodically wetted or humid biofilm growth surfaces. Its adaptability extends to simulating biofilm growth in a diverse range of industrial applications and public health environments, including the study of both dry and wet biofilms.

Experience the ISBR advantage today and advance your biofilm research capabilities.
Industrial Surfaces Biofilm Reactor Render

ISBR 600 Industrial Surfaces Biofilm Reactor

Includes multi-ported glass vessel, ported lid, lid seal assembly, coupon holder rotor, fluid distribution port, 18 coupons (various materials available), and magnetic stir/hot plate.

Autoclavable and Reusable Components

The ISBR is equipped with components that are not only meticulously engineered but also designed for efficiency and sustainability. All reactor components, including the multi-ported glass vessel, ported lid, lid seal assembly, coupon holder rotor, fluid distribution port, and 18 coupons of various materials, are autoclavable and reusable.

Elevate your biofilm research with the precision and versatility of the Industrial Surfaces Biofilm Reactor. Designed to replicate the conditions of diverse industrial and public health environments, the ISBR is a powerful tool for scientists and researchers seeking to understand and control biofilm growth on both intermittently wetted and dry industrial surfaces.

Exploded Render of Industrial Surfaces Biofilm Reactor

Exploded View of the ISBR 600

An exploded view of the Industrial Surfaces Biofilm Reactor, demonstrating the assembly of the reactor. 

3in x 0.6in Sample Coupon

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