Rotating Disk Biofilm Reactor

          The Rotating Disk Biofilm Reactor consists of a teflon and viton disk containing recesses for six 1.25 cm diameter coupons. The removable coupons are manufactured from any machinable material. The bottom of the rotating disk contains a bar magnet to allow disk rotation to create liquid surface shear across surface-flush coupons. The entire disk containing the six coupons is placed in a 1000 ml glass reactor vessel (working volume is approximately 250ml). A liquid growth media/biocide/etc. is circulated through the vessel while the disk is rotated by a magnetic stirrer. A variety of coupon materials are available, including plastics, metals, and ceramics.

          Sampling of the coupons is conducted by aseptically removing the entire disk from the reactor and punching the coupons from the disk (a tool is provided). If proper technique and care is used during sampling, a single coupon can be removed/replaced and the disk returned to the reactor vessel for further biofilm studies. The coupon removed from the reactor vessel is then scraped to collect the biofilm sample for further study or imaging using microscopy.

Rotating Disk Biofilm Reactor

DK20 Rotating Disk Biofilm Reactor

Holds 6 x RD 128 disk coupons

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0.5 in. Diameter Sample Coupon

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ASTM Standard Method using the Rotating Disk Reactor:

Standard Test Method for Quantification of Pseudomonas aeruginosa Biofilm Grown with Medium Shear and Continuous Flow Using Rotating Disk Reactor:

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