Biofilm Resources and Educational Materials

What Are Biofilms?

BioSurface Technologies’ Biofilm Reactors and Microscopy Flow Cells are designed to facilitate simple and reproducible biofilm growth. But, what are biofilms? Click below to learn more about how biofilms shape our world.

CBE Instructional Videos

The Center for Biofilm Engineering (CBE) at Montana State University (MSU) is one of the leaders in biofilm research. Watch the instructional videos created and published by the Standardized Biofilm Methods Laboratory at the CBE.


BioSurface Technologies produces products that grow reproducible biofilms and are frequently used to test disinfectants and antimicrobial products for efficacy against these biofilms. Methods and regulations have been published by ASTM and USEPA to help standardize these tests, many of which require BST products.


There are many regulatory bodies, research labs, and universities studying and creating content related to biofilms. We have compiled a small list of some of these bodies that we have worked closely with in the past, and that we suggest looking into to learn more about the community who studies biofilms.