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Welcome to the Biofilm Blog! Here, you can find discussions on biofilm news, announcements about new or updated biofilm reactors and flow cells, upcoming appearances at events or conventions, and general updates about BioSurface Technologies. Additionally, you can look through older blog post by clicking any of the archive years below. For questions about any of our posts or suggestions for future blog posts, please CONTACT US.

Biofilm Conferences 2024

BioSurface Technologies attended the Center for Biofilm Engineering (CBE) 2024 Anti-Biofilm Technologies: Pathways to Product Development meeting in Washington DC on January 31st-Feb 1st. At this meeting we had an opportunity to meet with industry and government...

BioJapan 2023 in Yokohama

Are you ready for an exciting rendezvous with the latest breakthroughs in biotechnology? We certainly are! BioSurface Technologies is thrilled to announce our participation in BioJapan 2023, one of Asia's premier biotechnology conferences. This event promises to be a...

Please also take the time to check out recent news published by our friends over at the Center for Biofilm Engineering (CBE) at Montana State University. As global leaders in the biofilm world, the CBE is always releasing new and exciting publications and updates about the community.

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