The Drip Flow Biofilm Reactor has been an important biofilm reactor for many years now. The standard operating procedures for this reactor requires that the reactor sit at a 10 degree angle during the continuous flow phase. This angle allows for proper draining of the reactor while still providing very slow flow across the slide coupon and biofilm. The low shear environment created by this angle is the reason the DFR is such a useful reactor in our biofilm reactor lineup.          Recently, we have noticed inconsistencies with the material and design of the original DFR angled base stands. While they have always done what they are supposed to do, we felt like they weren’t quite what we look for in the quality of our products. In an effort to redesign a higher quality product, we came up with the new DFR1114-BS and DFR1116-BS. These redesigned base stands are made entirely of anodized aluminum, which is fully autoclavable without any risk of warping. They also now have plates on the sides rather than the top and bottom, ensuring that your DFR will always sit flat on the stand (and counter top). To order one of our new DFR base stands (which are also now included with the standard Drip Flow Biofilm Reactor kits), contact us today!
DFR1114 BS Manual Apr2018

DFR 1114-BS

Stand designed for the DFR110-4

DFR1116 BS Apr2018

DFR 1116-BS

Stand designed for the DFR110-6