National Biofilms Innovation Centre Logo

The National Biofilms Innovation Centre (NBIC) is a large consortium of biofilm researches and investigators all across the United Kingdom. It is comprised of many universities and companies that provide valueble biofilm research to the world. According to the NBIC website: “Our mission is to establish a network of research and innovation capacity catalysing collaboration with industry in the study of biofilms to achieve breakthrough innovation.”

Earlier this week, the National Biofilms Innovation Centre kicked off their newest endeavor: the #BiofilmAware awareness campaign. The goal of this new campaign is to raise awareness of the NBIC and it’s research, as well as bring light to the many economic and societal impacts of biofilms. Dr. Mark Richardson (NBIC CEO) had this to say about the campaign in their announcement blog post:

“A key part of NBIC’s role is Public Engagement and Outreach. At a time when each one of us has become acutely aware of the fragility of our relationship with the natural world, then as well as progressing the delivery of innovations, this is a vital activity for us to undertake. This campaign is geared to communicate the impact of biofilms to society and the general public. It will help us to understand public concerns and allow us to communicate the importance of controlling and exploiting microbial communities.”

We at BioSurface Technologies support the endeavors of the NBIC. We believe that the work they do is critical in understanding and controlling biofilms in every type and form. Because of this, we will also be participating in the initial kickoff of the BiofilmAware campaign by posting on our Facebook and LinkedIn pages. You can help by reposting our posts or creating your own posts and content using the media content provided here.