Drip Flow Biofilm Reactor®

           Model DFR 110 Drip Flow Biofilm Reactor® consists of four (4) or six (6) parallel test channels, each capable of holding one (1) standard glass microscope slide sized coupon, or modified to hold a length of catheter or stint. Media is provided by dripping over the coupon or catheter surface. Biofilm growth conditions provide low shear, and short residence time (2 minutes). Catheter and stint studies can also utilize the modified end media port to provide flow within the catheter or stint. Media flows via gravity to provide a very low shear condition.

          The Drip Flow Biofilm Reactor® is ideal for microsensor monitoring, general biofilm studies, biofilm cryosectioning samples, high biomass production, dental and medical material evaluations, and indwelling medical device evaluations.

Watch instructional videos on the Drip Flow Biofilm Reactor® (Produced by the Center for Biofilm Engineering at MSU):

more videos at the CBE website


Drip Flow Biofilm Reactor®
DFR 110-4PET with Reactor Support Stands


Drip Flow Biofilm Reactor®
DFR 110-6 with Reactor Support Stands

Replacement Parts
All Drip Flow Biofilm Reactor® components and parts are available for purchase individually. Check out our full list of replacement parts:


ASTM Standard Method using the Drip Flow Biofilm Reactor®:

Standard Test Method for Quantification of Pseudomonas aeruginosa Biofilm Grown Using Drip Flow Biofilm Reactor® with Low Shear and Continuous Flow
ASTM E2647-13

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