CDC Biofilm Reactor®

          The CDC Biofilm Reactor® consists of eight (8) polypropylene coupon holder rods suspended from a UHMW-polyethylene ported lid. The coupon holder rods can accommodate three 1/2 in. (12.7 mm) diameter coupons each. The lid with coupon holders and coupons is mounted in a 1 liter glass vessel with side-arm discharge port. A liquid growth media/biocide/etc. is circulated through the vessel while mixing and shear is generated by a magnetic stir bar/vane rotated by a magnetic stir plate.

           Sampling of the coupons is conducted by aseptically removing individual coupon holder rods with accompanying coupons (3). The coupon holder or a blank is replaced in the lid after sampling to allow the time course experiment to continue. The coupon removed from the reactor vessel is then used for treatment evaluations, scraped or sonicated to collect the biofilm sample for further study, or imaged using microscopy and image analysis. The CDC Biofilm Reactor® is autoclavable and re-useable. The total liquid volume is approximately 350 ml. A variety of coupon materials are available, including plastics, metals, and ceramics.

Watch instructional videos on the CDC Biofilm Reactor® (Produced by the Center for Biofilm Engineering at MSU):

more videos at the CBE website


CBR 90 CDC Biofilm Reactor®
Standard CDC Biofilm Reactor® includes coupon holder rods, polycarbonate coupons, coupon removal tool, coupon manipulation tool, and glass flow breaks.


CBR 90-3 CDC Biofilm Reactor®
Anaerobic CDC Biofilm Reactor® includes seals around each rod and between lid and vessel. The CDC Biofilm Reactor® includes coupon holder rods, polycarbonate coupons, coupon removal tool, coupon manipulation tool, and glass flow breaks.


Coupon Holder
Polypropylene coupon holder (holds 3 coupons each), 8 included with CDC Biofilm Reactor®


Coupon Holder Blank
Polypropylene coupon holder rod without coupon recesses used as a place holder after sampling a sample rod (included with CDC Biofilm Reactor®).


Slide Holder
Polypropylene rod to hold 0.70 inch (18 mm) wide (or less) x 0.063 inch(1.6 mm) thick slide coupons


Porous Media Holder
Polypropylene Slide Holder Rod plus polycarbonate porous media/membrane holder cartridge used to capture porous media between 2 membranes/screens, or for transverse membrane studies.


Membrane Holder
Polypropylene rod with polycarbonate frame to hold membrane samples for tangential flow membrane studies.


50mL Splash Guard
Insert for preventing splashing inside a 50mL conical vial during sampling



250mL Splash Guard
Insert for preventing splashing inside a 250mL conical vial during sampling

Replacement Parts
All CDC Biofilm Reactor® components and parts are available for purchase individually. Check out our full list of replacement parts:


0.5 in. Diameter Sample Coupon
More than 40 materials are already available, and we are always willing to try new materials for specialty projects! Check out our full list of available materials and pricing:


ASTM Standard Methods using the CDC Biofilm Reactor®:

Standard Test Method for Quantification of Pseudomonas aeruginosa Biofilm Grown with High Shear and Continuous Flow using CDC Biofilm Reactor®
ASTM E2562-17

Standard Test Method for Evaluating Disinfectant Efficacy Against Pseudomonas aeruginosa Biofilm Grown in CDC Biofilm Reactor® Using Single Tube Method
ASTM E2871-13

USEPA Methods And Guidance using the CDC Biofilm Reactor®:

Antimicrobial Testing Methods & Procedures: Growing a Biofilm using the CDC Biofilm Reactor®

Antimicrobial Testing Methods & Procedures: Single Tube Method for Determining the Efficacy of Disinfectants against Bacterial Biofilm

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