Biofilm Annular Reactor (BAR)

          Evaluation of surface associated biological reactions require surface specific evaluations. By matching surface shear and transport conditions within the BST Biofilm Annular Reactor (BAR) to your process conditions, relevant evaluations of your water treatment processes are possible.

          The BST Model 1320 Biofilm Annular Reactor consists of a stationary outer cylinder and a rotating inner cylinder. Process fluid is circulated in the annulus between the two cylinders. The current lab and field models operate with a variable speed motor. The rotational speed of the inner cylinder is set to provide liquid/surface shear similar to the pipe flow shear of the process water system you are evaluating.

          The Laboratory Annular Reactor (Model 1320 LS) is manufactured using an inner, slotted polycarbonate cylinder and a glass outer cylinder. Twenty(20) slides are flush mounted on the rotating inner cylinder. The slides are commonly available in stainless steels, plastics, and various alloys, but can be fabricated from most common manufacturing materials. The reactor unit is fully autoclavable to 121 C. A jacketed version of the laboratory unit described above is also available (Model 1320 LJ) for evaluations which require temperature control. The Model 1320 Biofilm Annular Reactors are fully CE certified and available in 115 or 230 VAC.


Model 1320 LS
Annular Reactor


Model 1320 LJ
Jacketed Laboratory
Annular Reactor

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