Biofilm Reactors

BioSurface Technologies’ Biofilm Reactors provide easy-to-sample biofilm growth systems. These systems provide multi-sample opportunities and repeatable data. ASTM Standard Methods are available for most of our biofilm reactors.

Biofilm Reactor Capabilities:

Reproducible biofilm growth
Multiple samples
Available coupon materials include plastics, metals, and ceramics
Biofilm Reactors for a wide range of shear and operational conditions
Suitable for time-course studies
Cited in ASTM Standard Methods
Autoclavable and re-useable

Biofilm Reactor Operations:

Analyze biofilm formation on multiple materials
Statistically relevant testing
Suitable for biocide and antibiotic development and testing
Variable shear independent of flow
Continuous-flow through systems
Suitable for aerobic and anaerobic cultures
Autoclavable and re-useable

BioSurface Technologies’ Biofilm Reactors:

BioSurface Technologies' biofilm reactors at a glance:

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